Barn Door Custom Accents

There are many elements of the barn door that we allow our clients to customize. Please take a few moments to explore each of these options as it may pertain to your barn door style.

  • Color of the Screws: stainless steel or black

Each door is built with it’s structure and usage in mind. There are many screws throughout the door holding the main barn door style together. The default option is stainless steel screws that we lightly spray paint black (rubs off a bit) adding a rustic look. Some clients prefer the all black screws (we think these stand out a bit, but look pretty cool). When choosing to go with a more industrial look, many clients prefer the screws themselves to ‘pop’ a bit off the wood and be left their original stainless steel color.

>>If you are looking for a more modern door and prefer your screws to be puttied before painted, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

  • Industrial Elements to the Door: stainless steel or black

Our most popular industrial plank door comes standard with black steel plates on the front and black nuts & bolts. A more industrial custom option is with the plates in black and the bolts in stainless steel. The options for this are endless. The all stainless steel option can pop alongside the right home decor. You lead the way in this design. Based on the size of the door, each barn door has a few small 2-3 inch brackets on the inside of the door for added support. As a default, we customize these to the same color as your preferred front steel plates to coordinate.

Industrial Barn Door Denver

  • FREE Barn Door Handle: Black Rustic/Stainless Steel Rustic

Their are endless options for barn door handles and we are always scouting out some new sturdy options to offer our clients. As a standard, we have (2) barn door handle options. Our Black or Stainless Steel Rustic handle option is by far our most popular as it is sturdy with use, durable, and provides a great barn door look. If you don’t like our (2) door handle options we encourage you to ask about our UPGRADED barn door hardware options.

Free Barn Door Handle Options

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