Barn Style Interior Doors

barn door style options - plank styleHere are a few of the more popular barn door style options that clients choose. Use this chart to ensure you are requesting the right type of door that encapsulates your style preference.

Clients are constantly pushing the design envelope of barn doors to ensure it fits the needs of their space and home design preferences. The awesome part about building a barn door is truly all aspects of the build process can be customized to meet your needs. Our experience in building long lasting barn doors can help you with the selection choices to ensure it fits the space in addition to your request.

If you don’t see what you are looking for down below, that’s fine (still means you are totally normal). There are endless options in customizing a barn door, these just happen to be a few of the most popular traditional ones. When placing a custom request, simply include a link to an image you may have found on the internet (or two) so we can best reference your barn door design request.

barn door style options

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