The Best Barn Door Style Options

There are so many barn door options that exist and these are the TOP 9 Best Barn Door Options.

Each of these options happen to be the most popular, often best sellers, and in the long run the most timeless. An added bonus of each door here is the built in additional structure that the design adds to each door. We love creativity, and love working with clients who provide us with a photo of something unique and new to build. When you aren’t sure where to start, this chart should help you lead the way.

The Top 9 Best Barn Doors include:  (in no particular order)

  1. Plank (featured on home page)
  2. Mid-Bar  (classic for a long lasting modern take)
  3. Z-Brace (super popular in 2016)
  4. X-Brace (this is the transition door to a more country or rustic home)
  5. Double Z-Brace
  6. Double X-Brace
  7. British Brace (fantastic for a double door option!)
  8. Half X-Brace
  9. A custom door – we had to throw that in there since this is what we do 🙂
barn door style options