Returns Policy

We are customizing each barn door to your exact dimensions and color preferences, so please be sure of them before you place your order.

We also work hand in hand with clients directly to ensure we have the details and specs correct. Need to see additional pictures of a barn door or style? Awesome! Simply let our team know and they'd be more then happy to send some your way. 

PLEASE be sure to double check your custom link of the specs of your barn door before purchase. Our team likes to be perfect :) but we can be human at times, and always best to double check! 

Remember, these are custom wood barn doors and are not prefabricated barn doors. All of our clients have different preferences too..and we 100% understand that, that's why we love to talk with you 1:1. All doors, even our modern ones, may have some wood details to them. If you are ever curious or need more details, PLEASE CALL US at (720) 500-3985. 

We ship these doors out pretty quickly so there isn't much room to change things after the order has been placed. Always contact us first if you just aren't sure.

What if my door arrives damaged?

If there is any damage during shipping (very rare, but YIKES important to read), PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THE SHIPMENT, (REFUSE SHIPMENT) & send us pictures and we will be sure to help you get it back to looking JUST RIGHT. If you accept the damaged shipment, we ARE NOT able to claim a refund with the shipper, therefore you are letting us know that the door was in acceptable condition when it was received (& signed for).

Minor damage be can be easily repaired with a kit we can send your way. 

>>We understand that some elements of a custom wood barn door are up for personal preference. If you aren't unhappy with your product, please feel free to contact us at (720) 500-3985. We will always do our best.



This section is new and important to read!! We love the barn doors we make and want to ensure they LAST. 

We assume that when your barn door arrives, you are installing it within a few days. Many clients call us as they forgot to order their barn door and need one ASAP! Most often the doors we ship are LARGE and important to take a few precautions as most of our barn door orders are a NATURAL WOOD product. 

We have learned that often times a client's renovation projects doesn't go as planned and the door may not get installed for a few weeks or months (ugh yes, we are sorry to hear that too!). 


    • lay the door on it's side in a room
    • lay flat on top of a few 2" x 4"
    • project got delayed? TELL US and we can hold your door until you need it shipped! 


  • lay flat on cement
  • stand vertically on a wall


(We've added this section as we often get asked these questions!)

**We ensure a barn door isn't warped when it's shipped and we custom select each of the wood pieces that we use. Can warping happen? 100% but if it's going to happen, it has everything to do with the tree it was cut from. This happened to (2) doors in 2018, (5) doors in 2017 out of hundreds! For us...this is RARE. 


We want you to LOVE your barn door. Once your barn door has been installed, send us a picture! This way, we know that your barn door truly warped due to it's mother tree :) and not because the door wasn't stored properly. Even then...we are more then happy to work with you on some solutions...there are plenty! 


Any additional questions, call us at (720) 500-3985 or shoot us a text too!